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फिसर के सामान्य लक्षणो मे चुभन व जलन प्रथम है तो खुजली भी हो सकती है|
रक्त का स्राव मल के ऊपर रेखा के रूप मेंअथवा बून्दो के रूप मेंहो सकता हैअथवा नही भी हो सकता है|
मलत्याग के तत्काल बाद ही दर्द, चुभन व जलन इत्याफ़द मेवृद्धि हो जाती है|
कई बार पूय / मवाद का स्राव भी होतेदेखा गया है|
फ़िसर के कारणो मेदोपफ़हया वाहन की अफ़िक सवारी, कठोर मल (Hard Stool)का त्याग , अफ़िक देर तक बैठनेवाला कायदइत्याफ़द शाफ़मल है|
फ़िसर फ़क फ़चफ़कत्सा सामान्यतया औषफ़ियो द्वारा की जाती हैएवं 50% सेअफ़िक रोफ़गयो मे, यफ़द फ़चफ़कत्सक योग्य हैतो ऑपरेशन की आवश्यकता नही पड़ती है|


Best fissure doctor in ranchi

Anal fissures is the most common cause of pain in lower anal canal during act of defecation. Common is young and middle age group.The disease sometimes,is seen in children and infant too. An anal fissure may be defined as crack or vertical ulcer in the cutaneous lining of lower anal canal from verge to dentate line. Majority of anal fissure occurs in midline posteriorly, less frequently they occur in midline anteriorly. Sometimes it occur at any site in anal circumference. In this condition it may be single or multiple. Occasionally entire lower anal canal is ulcerated.



An anal fissure is usually caused by a hard and dry bowel movement, alongwith a tight anal musculature, which tears the anal lining. Other causes include diarrhoea and inflammation of the anorectal area. Trauma also can cause fissures. During childbirth, 11% of women develop anal fissures. Fissures can also be caused by digital insertion, foreign body insertion, or anal intercourse. A low-fibre diet may play a role in the development of fissures. Anal fissures affect people of all ages, particularly young and otherwise healthy people. They are equally common in men and women


An anal fissure causes a sharp, stinging, or burning pain during a bowel movement. The pain, which can be severe, may last for a few hours.
Fissures may itch.
They often bleed lightly or occasionally cause a yellowish discharge.


If it’s a first or second episode of Fissure, at least 50 % of fissures heal by themselves without need for any kind of procedure or surgery. Application of special medicated cream, use of stool softeners, avoidance of constipation, and the use of sitz baths (soaking the anal area in plain warm water for 20 minutes, several times a day) help to relieve the symptoms and allow healing to occur.